Mouse Hunt

Searching for a little mouse in a beautiful wilderness…

We are lucky enough to have the most incredibly creative, imaginative and playful activity group locally called Playcircle, whose drop-in play sessions, story sessions, seasonal parties, and now even a mini summer festival, are filled with glorious singing, music, songs, crafts and activities. Run by lovely mummies with a penchant for the musical and magical side of life it was – and is – a lifeline for me on this mothering journey.

Throughout May, they’ve been running a special set of Friday sessions at the beautiful Thistledown campsite near Nailsworth. Mouse Hunt is a 45 minute journey around the beautiful woods and clearings that make up Thistledown, with flower bracelets, butterfly spotting, nest-making, singing. running and dancing.

Image: Playcircle

We start off with a welcome singsong and all the little explorers get a ‘bear nose’ to get them in the mood (So cute…I didn’t wash it off all day)…

Then the trail weaves through the long grass, searching out flowers for daisy chains, collecting pine cones and pointing out butterflies….

Image: Playcircle

One week we spun a spider’s web with huge balls of yarn…

And another day we tramped through the woods, accompanied by a guitar singing and laughing….

We finally catch up with Mouse, who has been enjoying a picnic in the sunshine….

Image: Playcircle

While on another morning, it turns out, he’s gone fishing…!

Image: Playcircle

We finish off in the fab Thistledown Cafe, for hot milk and mouse biscuits…

I feel so blessed to have such a talented and creative group near us. They never disappoint. For more information on Playcircle, go here – if you are local you should really check them out.




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