Hopeless Hiatus

There is nothing worse than a blog you follow going on an unannounced hiatus. Ahem.

*Hangs head in shame* 

I can only claim temporary insanity –  pregnant with twins etc etc, many hormones, the pressures of moving house, with a toddler, while pregnant with twins (did I mention that?), and trying to fit in two holidays around it all, as well as hit some deadlines before I stop and have a brief break before the babies are born (there’s no ‘maternity leave’ when you’re self-employed).

So, yes, hiatus. It’s been an amazingly busy time but one that has also been rather incredible. To catch you up…..

There was the most wonderful holiday, filled with memory-making moments….

There was saying goodbye to our old house….

And nesting in our new house….

My rapidly expanding stomach….

A five day break when Munchkin went to Spain to see her grandparents with Daddy, and not me (too pregnant, twins, etc)…

As well as some blissful weather…

Two birthdays….one for someone turning THREE…

And one for someone turning slightly more than three……

And wonderful times in the sun with friends…

And so, it’s been a really quite special month of sun, and love, and change and new things. Life is good. We feel blessed, we feel lucky, we feel happy.

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