In my old life in London I was a magazine editor for luxury lifestyle titles and a freelance features writer. I’m still doing that, but now I’m doing the country thing too; as well as raising my babies – a three and a half year old girl and twin boys born August 2017 – and growing vegetables, feeding chickens and trying to keep mud out of the hallway…


We moved to the Cotswolds in the Spring of 2014. Obviously swapping pavements for veg patches has been a whole different world, and there’s been plenty of adjustment, but it was what we wanted to do, and we haven’t looked back.


Now I blog about everything from pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and motherhood to life with twins and toddlers, as well as covering things like dressing for woodlands walks, vintage style, homegrown cooking, springtime beauty must-haves, seasonal flowers arrangements, cooking for babies, newborn essentials, wedding fashion and nursery decor.


To get in touch, email me or find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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